Given the vast amount of videos that are filed on YouTube a day, be strong competition. And this requires extra effort from the publisher begins to create a professional and distinctive channel.

Follow these steps and the attached image  to attract subscribers to follow up on your channel on YouTube:


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Name: Choose a short name can be easily remembered and relevant to direct the videos that you post.

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Description: Post a brief description of your channel to define the quality of the content viewer that can be expected on the channel. And be sure to add keywords in this description as YouTube relies on keywords in your description of the channel 's inclusion in the proposed channels to the public.

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Image Cover: Use the appropriate image compatible with the content. Good picture draws the attention of the viewer is attracted to you proceed. The recommended size of the image is 2560 × 1440 pixels (Pixel)

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View image Profile: appropriate personal photo is an opportunity to increase your definition of viewers and what they offer. Use a logo (size 800 × 800 pixels) fits well with the picture box.

Can not read small words easily in this situation. Use the image can be distinguished easily when it becomes small. Remember that your profile picture will appear in the lists of YouTube and search results.

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Connecting channel means of communication: Tighten your other accounts on the social networking platforms and your web site YouTube channel, in order to achieve the proliferation of more distinctive and attend.

Tips and information to help

Tags used properly - using labels (tags) in YouTube to facilitate the search process. Make sure that the signs used by the related with the video reflects the search terms that can be used to your viewers. Click here to learn more about the subject.

Be patient - The spread channel may take some time. Make sure the version interesting content on a regular basis and will enhance your presence on the Internet certainly.

To learn more about YouTube, click here


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