Your profile on Twitter is the interface that people know you are attracted to and from following on Twitter. Mark your attractive to increase your popularity and audience followers. 








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Choose @ Asm_mstkhaddm special. It was short, about 15 characters or less in English and be sure to choose a name that makes it remembered by the followers

(for example: SyrianTears, @SilencedSyrians
@ )

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Then download a distinctive profile picture. Choose an image that represents you or your organization or representing your case well. This picture is not only intended to be displayed on your profile, but will appear as an icon in each tweet published, the recommended image size: 400 × 400 pixels (Pixel)

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Formulate Outline of your account. Through 160 characters or less , you should inform and attract followers to interact with you. Do not hesitate to show the human side of your personality.

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. Use language that fit your target audience! If you want access to the international community, use the English language or other popular languages

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Recommended to add a website to your twitter. If you have a link to a website or a personal site that supports your cause or organization add it to your account information. Add the site because the link helps people to communicate with you.

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Then download the cover image to your Twitter. It should cover image content that is published to reflect, or represent your case or your organization, the recommended image size: 1500 × 500 pixels (Pixel)

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Install tweet poignant and interesting in your profile. The main goal of Twitter is to communicate with people who share your interests. Install tweets influential and important at the top of your profile page to ensure the presence of interesting content is always in your file. Click on the option "More" on the Tweet you want to install and then select "install on your profile page . "

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The use of photos and videos: images draws attention. The more Tweets rich in imagery, as this was the best content for publication and participation and interaction by others.

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