When you create an account on Facebook, the default privacy settings leave your buddy list visible to all, something that may not want to do especially if you are using Facebook to things sensitive and live in the center of anti-freedom, will help the following steps to hide your list of friends on Facebook.

1 1

Log in to your account on Facebook Facebook.com 

2 2

Visit your profile from the top right of the main page by clicking on the personal image.


3 3

Click on the "Friends" link next to your profile picture. 


4 4

Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner, then click on the "Edit Privacy" 

5 5

On the left side,  click  on the drop - down menu and choose the  audience you want to view the list of your friends, where you can choose "I just," in this way no one can view your friends list. 

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