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Many of the governments to monitor users on the Internet as you block sites for Internet users in those countries. As you many of the internet service provider and telecommunications companies to monitor Internet users and provide information about them to the government according to the agreement with the governments where these companies operate according to the laws of those states companies. Saifun Psiphon3 3 is one of the applications that allow users to bypass the blocking websites and hide your Internet activity. Works Saifun three techniques VPN VPN S. SH SSH and HTTP proxy HTTP Proxy to hide your Internet activity for Internet Service Provider (ISP) and telecommunications companies other between the service provider and servers Saifun as the Saifun encrypts internet connection between your computer and servers Saifun. Saifun is also available on Alkamboatr devices operating Windows operating system. It should be noted here that Saifun 3 does not provide a secret identity completely, but enough Aofarama of confidentiality and security to override control your Internet and avoid supervision service.

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A Fatah Google Play Google Play store from your device and search for Psiphon3

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If it were not able to access the Google Play Google Play Store because of blocking, you can get Saifun 3 via e-mail by sending a blank e-mail message Organizers of the application of Saifun 3 will directly answer e-mail message containing the application setup file as an attachment.

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After the application is opened setup file. Click on the "INSTALL" (inauguration) and wait until the inauguration of the application, but if you have already received the application via e - mail, open the .apk file attached e - mail message and follow the instructions

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After the inauguration of Saifun 3, press the "OPEN" (Open), and when Saifun program opens, click on the "Start" in the lower left - hand side.

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Saifun will ask then if you want to encrypt the entire device or just open the encrypted session web browser (browser). Select "Tunnel Whole Device" (device is fully encrypted).

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Click on the "Stats" tab (statistics) to check whether your connection is safe. 

If you can not connect to the application, go to Settings >> Applications >> >> Saifun and press the "wipe data and cache." Then try again.

When you see a key icon  on your status bar, it means that your network is hidden now.

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