To rally supporters for your case, you have to work on the delivery of voice appropriate audience. The choice of the elements of your campaign carefully planned and well-made success rate is higher. 

Know with us on ways to manage successful campaigns interact with the public, to bring about the desired change. 

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Ask yourself:

  • Who is the target audience?
  •  What do I want them to do differently?
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 Select the direct goal of the campaign. 

  •  Let your goal clear and specific. You are not here to earn a full-scale war.
  • Stay away from vague goals such as awareness or educate people about an issue, because they do not encourage people to move to do something directly.
  •  Let your campaign's goal is to encourage your audience to do the act or to take a specific action or do something in a different way.
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Select your target audience in this campaign.

  • Who is the audience it seeks to reach it? Is it local or global audience?
  • Who is capable category actually do what called for in the campaign?
  • Who is the category that is likely sympathy with this campaign?
  • Are there influential figures can be accessed so that its presence is a motivation and a catalyst for the participation of a wider audience?
  • Stay away from the style of bashing and blame the public for not doing something about the issue. Use the style of persuasion and encouragement.
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He went to the audience where he was.

  • What are the best ways to connect with your audience?
  • Are they are present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc ...
  • Be sure to take into account the timing differences in the case of direct you to a global audience.
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 Encourage your audience to move. And be sure to make him feel his power and his ability to bring about the desired change.

  • You win hearts and minds together.
  • Use the style of the narrative attached to real images sympathize with the public, regardless of his whereabouts.
  • Learn the nature and interests of your audience, especially if it's from a different culture or environment.

You have to be: persistent , patient and interacting with the audience.

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